• Beats by Dre
  • 2022
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Production
  • Strategy
  • Music Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Graphic Identity
  • Video Content

A global campaign to launch Beats Studio Buds in three new colors.

With the release of three new Beats Studio Buds colorways, the Beats team came to SSS looking to create a campaign that led with color and captured the attention of a fashion-oriented female audience.

Honing in on Gen Z's affinity for switching up their style, we positioned color as a tool for self-expression. And with our audience's love of gaming in mind, we created the 'Choose Your Player' campaign, utilizing the character menu at the start of a video game as a metaphor for defining your style. With this campaign, starring Kaia Gerber, we brought each colorway to life through the lens of iconic Y2K video games, applying the creative direction across OOH, product video, and BTS capture.

SSS partnered with photographer Craig McDean for the OOH campaign, capturing Kaia as three different characters, each with a distinct energy that played off the colorways and overall gaming theme. SSS led the creative direction, designed the graphic system that frames the photography, and created custom wordmarks for each colorway.

For the product video, SSS designed three worlds connected through the narrative of a character selection sequence. From 3D environments, 2D interfaces, and custom typography, each touchpoint was carefully considered, including cameos from Kaia Gerber and Eileen Gu. An original score by D33J accompanied the video and brought the nostalgic environments to life. Special thanks to our creative collaborators, including our friends at Happy99.

The final component of the campaign was producing a special behind-the-scenes look at the campaign shoot with Kaia. SSS worked with director Sam Sulam to create a video that could stand on its own, showcasing Kaia's onset energy and the Beats Studio Buds in action.

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Beats Studio Buds Campaign