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Content to launch the next game-changing material from Nike.

The future is now. Efforts for a more sustainable world are no longer a goal on the horizon, but an immediate need. Nike has risen to the challenge with Nike Forward, a platform that introduces a new garment-making process, resulting in a drastically lower carbon footprint than other materials. This material has the potential to do for apparel what Flyknit did for footwear a decade ago.

SSS was engaged to create a suite of content for the launch of Forward, the first being a lifestyle shoot. SSS developed the concept and creative direction, and then partnered with photographer Cameron Reed for the campaign. The imagery captures the inaugural collection which is made with an average of 75% less carbon compared to Nike’s traditional knit fleece.

Thank you to the team which included: Julian Paik Childs (Art Director), Nazzer (Model), Bousso (Model), Michael Darlington (Styling), Takayoshi Tsukisawa (Hair), and KUMA (MUA), and many more.

Next, SSS led the creative direction, production and animation for the “How to Care For Nike Forward” video, which gives instructions that are not only best for the longevity of the material but also best for the planet. SSS partnered with director Keenan MacWilliam to bring the video to life. SSS also designed a dynamic framing system that keeps users engaged with the care instructions as they move through the video.

Special thanks to our many collaborators including Ben Elias (DP), Suzy Zietzmann (Set Designer), Harrison Fishman (Editor), D33J (Music Production), and Jerome Potter (Engineering).

SSS also designed an infographic demonstrating the streamlined production process for Nike Forward, visualizing how the innovative material has a 75% smaller carbon footprint than traditional knit fleece.

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