• Nike Global
  • 2023
  • Concept Development
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Event Production

A summit to unite Nike Trainers from around the world and usher in a new era of Nike Training — the Nike Well Collective.

Fitness has moved beyond self-optimization and a rigid gym routine. Now, more people are embracing a holistic approach and prioritizing physical and mental well-being. This is why Nike is championing a new commitment, one that stretches beyond their role as a high-intensity performance brand. Nike Well Collective is a way to support everyone in their personal wellness goals by delivering innovation, expertise, services, and experiences across body, mind, and life.

With this mission front and center, Nike came to us to support their Trainer Exchange, a 3-day summit at Nike World Headquarters that would bring together sixty Nike Trainers and coaches from across the world to kickstart this new collective. SSS supported with overall creative strategy, concept development for seeding and programming, graphic design, art direction, spatial design, and event production on the ground.

As part of the summit, SSS was tasked with creating the “world’s greatest workout.” Rather than give these world-class trainers any old workout, we channeled the Well Collective identity and mantra to create Nike’s very own Field Day—a day of freeing movement, collaboration, and a little friendly competition.

Trainers were divided into teams to compete in various activities that offered opportunities to connect to body and mind. Joe Holder and Kirsty Godso were the emcees for the day, firing up the Trainers with encouragement throughout.

In addition to the Field Day, SSS led spatial design for all programmed elements. Our approach aimed to strike a balance between the visual identity and the softness of nature. Gradients paired with plants and foliage were integrated into each space, along with gestural and organic shapes through footprint, formations, and lighting. Each space was designed around the goal for that specific day, focusing on either the individual, the collective, or the greater community.

SSS also designed the seeding kits given to the Trainers, as well as signage, collateral, and an on-campus billboard to reveal the Nike Well Collective for the first time.

The three-day exchange culminated in the Trainers leaving with a newfound collective energy, ready to ignite their own communities and support them in their journeys to live well.

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