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  • 2020
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A music video for Onyx Collective’s “Falling in Love.”

In April 2020, New York jazz ensemble, Onyx Collective, released their latest album, Manhattan Special, a record comprised of covers originally written by Richard Rodgers, one of the most significant American composers of the 20th century. Following a music video for their first single, "Manhattan," Onyx Collective partnered with SSS once again to create the music video for their second single, "Falling in Love."

Directed by Something Special Studios and animated by ongoing collaborator Timothy McDonough, the music video follows the bliss-filled daydream of a lovestruck frog who wanders through a city park fantasizing about the (literal) fox who has his heart.

No matter how things eventually end, the feeling of first falling for someone is a sensation unlike any other. The “Falling in Love” music video looks to replicate that feeling for viewers, giving them a brief moment of positivity during a time when we could all use it.

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Onyx Collective "Falling in Love"