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A SNKRS Live special that flipped the script to launch the latest Air innovation and celebrate Air Max season.

The Air Max Dn is the latest Air innovation from Nike featuring Dynamic Air. For Air Max Season 2024, we worked with SNKRS to build energy around the drop of the Dn. Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Air Max Day, our goal was to reinvigorate the Air Max legacy for the next generation and bring a more playful, irreverent tone to the SNKRS App.

Our approach was to host a SNKRS Live special called Max Access. Max Access took inspiration from public access television, cultivating an air of unpredictability throughout the stream. With a variety of segments centering around Air Max, we broke away from the usual format to bring something entirely new and surreal to SNKRS audiences.

The stream integrated both live and pre-recorded segments, guided by the Max Access host, stylist and writer—Michelle Li. Michelle, alongside DJ Mandy, who's proud to be called the worst DJ on the internet, welcomed a lineup of guests including streamer and Nike partner Kai Cenat, rapper, IDK, and sneaker hoarders, Linus Nutland and Lucian Dickson. The segments celebrated creativity and risk-taking, pushing everything to the max. Amidst conversations and games, Kai Cenat also helped us Shock Drop the Air Max Dn ‘All Day’ colorway. SSS cast and managed all talent for the stream.

SSS created the visual identity for Max Access, taking a maximalist, vibrant approach to the design. The oval shape that appears across the identity and in the custom typeface was taken directly from the official Air Max Dn logo. The 3D compositions were designed to ‘suck’ the viewer into the screen and the world of Max Access.

In addition to the visual identity, we led the set design, applying a retro-futuristic approach heavily influenced by broadcast stations and public access television. The set was a sleek, contemporary interpretation of a familiar space. SSS also created custom music tailored to the theme and tone of the show. The result was a stream that reflected the creativity, innovation, and irreverence behind Air Max and its next cultural icon, the Dn, but also pushed the boundaries of storytelling on the SNKRS app.


SNKRS Live – Max Access