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  • 2020
  • Concept Development
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  • Digital Production

A digital experience created to support the launch of the book, "Nike: Better Is Temporary."

At Nike, the desire to be the best is a journey, not a destination—better is always temporary. "Nike: Better is Temporary" is an exploration into this internal design philosophy— a one-of-a-kind publication that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the products, innovations, unpublished designs, prototypes, insider stories, and more that define the Nike brand.

Nike tasked us with creating a digital activation to celebrate the launch of their seminal publication. From this brief came BetterIsTemporary.com, a Nike microsite that, inspired by the brand's exploratory design philosophy, took visitors on a journey through select contents of the 320-page book, with added audio, visuals, and storytelling.

In addition to showcasing custom content, the site featured the "Better is Temporary" Gallery, which allowed visitors to filter and explore visuals from the book, saving their favorites to utilize in our digital Studio.

The "Better is Temporary" Studio invited visitors to create their own spread using a massive library of Nike design assets, collaging rare and never-before-seen elements into one-of-a-kind creations.

Overall, BetterIsTemporary.com served as an enticing content preview, reimagining the physical publication for the digital space, while also acting as an evergreen resource for Nike fans and design aficionados.

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