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  • 2023
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The world’s first and only art amusement park — brought back to life after 35 years.

The story of Luna Luna began in 1987 in Hamburg, Germany.

André Heller, an artist and curator, had an extraordinary vision: to create the world's first and only art amusement park. Inspired by a traditional luna park, he called it Luna Luna — a lively fantasyland of once-in-a-lifetime artworks set within 
a functional fairground.

Heller invited over thirty artistic visionaries to participate, including some of the era’s most enchanting artists. When the park opened, visitors could ride a Keith Haring carousel, take in the view atop a Jean-Michel Basquiat Ferris wheel, get lost in a Lichtenstein labyrinth, and much more.

But as the summer of ‘87 came to a close, so did Luna Luna. Initially slated for a global tour, the art park 
instead became entangled in litigation and was locked away for thirty-five years.

Until now.

In 2019, upon discovering the story of Luna Luna, SSS embarked on a mission to bring the art park back to life.

Joining forces with André Heller himself and like-minded partners, Dreamcrew, Daniel McClean, Justin Wills, and Live Nation, Luna Luna was finally rescued in January of 2022.

Now the artworks are being meticulously restored to their former glory, with plans for Luna Luna to tour the world as Heller always dreamed. Alongside these attractions from '87 will be a new collection of interactive fairground attractions designed by some of today's most influential artists.

SSS is Luna Luna’s ongoing strategic and creative partner, with our work encompassing strategy, creative, and design development.
There’s still much more to come, but here’s a look at our progress thus far:
Building off of the legacy of the original park, SSS developed a new brand strategy and identity that brought Luna Luna into the present and positioned the brand for future growth.

This work also included a foundational marketing and commerce strategy to support the brand’s development.

SSS also launched Luna Luna's website and socials to align with the project’s New York Times announcement in November 2022.

SSS led content strategy, copywriting, design, and development of the website, creating an immersive space that tells the story of the 1987 park while also giving a glance at the future.

We also worked closely with the Luna Luna team to develop a social launch plan, supporting the development of launch assets and leading the ongoing content strategy and creative development of brand socials.

We also designed a book.

First released in 1987 in line with Luna Luna’s Hamburg debut, SSS led the design refresh of the original Luna Luna book — a comprehensive publication including imagery and commentary around the creation of the ‘87 park.

To learn more about Luna Luna, please visit www.lunaluna.com

Luna Luna