• Nike
  • 2023
  • Strategy
  • Production
  • Graphic Identity
  • Animation
  • Live Streaming
  • Music Production
  • Talent Management

A SNKRS live-stream to celebrate Air Max featuring iconic Nike designer, Tinker Hatfield, and Clint419 of Corteiz.

SNKRS Live is a series of live stream programming featured in the Nike SNKRS app, and produced by SSS. Various shows highlight upcoming products, exclusive conversations with Nike designers and collaborators, and provide consumers with exclusive access to releases.

Over the past two years, SSS has produced 100+ SNKRS live streams, featuring global Nike talent, artists, and live product drops.

In honor of Air Max Month 2023, Heating Up - SNKRS Live's flagship franchise - featured an intimate conversation between two key figures who have played distinct and pivotal roles in the story of air: Tinker Hatfield and Clint.

SNKRS tapped SSS for key services across creative and production, including live-stream execution, graphic identity development, animation, 3D rendering, 3D scanning, on-location shoot production, talent management and script writing.

SSS designed Heating Up's visual identity, producing a full package of in-stream, on-app graphics alongside visuals formatted specifically for the set's LED wall. This package included a bespoke suite of product-focused assets that were developed by 3D scanning and modeling physical Air Max pairs. The Corteiz lockup was created by Cave Studio.

In addition, SSS produced the stream's 'Community Spotlight' segment, featuring on-the-ground interviews that were conducted at Corteiz's exclusive Air Max 95 bodega pop-up.

Heating Up continues to anchor SNKRS as the flagship live program on the app, and broadcasts on a bi-weekly basis across North America and Europe.


SNKRS Live Heating Up - Air Max