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  • 2020
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A digital experience introducing the FA20 I.S.P.A collection to both the press and public.

In the summer of 2020, Nike was getting ready to launch their FA20 I.S.P.A collection. Usually, this would mean inviting media and notables to an immersive IRL experience, teasing the collection and its story. But in 2020, this wasn't possible. Instead, Nike sought to create a digital experience that maintained the energy and impact of a live event for those stuck at home.

As a solution, SSS conceptualized an online experience that mimicked the build-up and flow of an IRL experience. I.S.P.A LIVE was a virtual venue that first dropped guests in a dynamic waiting room, comprised of interactive modules, before landing them in the meeting room, which featured live briefing sessions and challenges with members of the I.S.P.A Design Team.

I.S.P.A. stands for: Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt. The line aims to address the needs of the city dweller through environmentally-conscious and forward-thinking design. To demonstrate the ethos of I.S.P.A, the experience relied heavily on open-sourced components and experimentation.

Waiting room modules included a digital zine made in partnership with Prodism Magazine, a tile game that unlocked a hidden deep link to the SNKRS app, and more.

The waiting room also included a social asset generator that used an algorithm to create 1-of-1 digital collages.

These modules then led to a live webinar on the I.S.P.A ethos and collection. Throughout the experience, a Q+A chat tool allowed for live interaction between the I.S.P.A Design Team and guests.

The experience concluded with a community design challenge.

I.S.P.A LIVE successfully took the nuances of a live experience - the welcome moment, the social interaction, the entertainment - and injected this energy and journey into the digital sphere. Due to the event's success, the experience, originally slated only for media, was opened up to the public.

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