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  • 2021
  • Content Production
  • Music Production

A first-of-its-kind dance campaign for Nike.

Dancers are not often recognized as the world-class athletes that they are. So in partnering with award-winning choreographer, dancer, and artist Parris Goebel, Nike plans to change that.

Together with Nike and Parris, SSS produced “Own the Floor,” a campaign bringing the Parris x Nike partnership to life. “Own the Floor” features four distinct chapters, each designed to share Parris’ story and help women build a stronger relationship with sport by instilling confidence, creativity, and self-expression through movement. Content was produced in partnership with Director, Photographer, and Editor Christelle de Castro, DP Daisy Zhou, and UNIIQU3 on music.

The first in the series is “Dance Declaration,” a dance manifesto introducing Parris to the Nike community and instilling the grit, drive, and athleticism intrinsic to dance.

Next is “My Story” - a deeper look at Parris’ story, told through archival footage and narrated by the artist herself. Then came “My Style,” a video showcasing Parris’ favorite Nike fits in motion. The studio also produced an “Own the Floor” social filter. This filter allowed users to toggle between 3 different color filters, each paired with a music track from the campaign. The filters have a motion-activated color trail, utilizing colors from the “Dance Declaration” video, so when a user moves, a path of color forms from their arms, legs, head, etc.

In addition to these three chapters, SSS produced campaign imagery.

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Own the Floor Campaign