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An annual, studio-published photo book featuring the personal, summertime documentations of 13 photographers and the subjects they deem special.

“Summer of Something Special 2019” was SSS's second annual photo book, featuring the work of Renell Medrano, Julian Klincewicz, Nick Sethi, Jim Mangan, Amanda Fordyce, Thibaut Grevet, Rebekah Campbell, Bella Newman, Beth Garrabrant, Jamil Baldwin, Machine Operated, Adam Zhu, and Jules Muir.

The book was featured in publications including iD Magazine, Office Magazine, Hypebeast and more. The book was available to purchase via our web store and locally in NYC, LA, and Miami at stores including Printed Matter, Arcana Books, Office Newsstand, OWL Bureau, Good Company, and Lower East Coast. All proceeds were donated to the ACLU.

SSSpecial Projects

Summer of Something Special 2019